Monday, February 5, 2018

Anla Courtis is Coming to Sendai Again For the First Time in Three Years

The world's most active all round player in experimental music/sound art field, Anla Courtis is coming to here Sendai on 4th March, for the first time in three years. I have organized his show and made a flyer. I show you it.
The show will be held at a great record shop STORE15NOV, now the only shop which sells experimental stuffs in the city. The owner Aoyama sometimes plays, actually we Courtis, Aoyama, and I played improvisation twice. This time Courtis will play solo, as well as I do.  

Along with the show, our collaborated recordings which have been done since 2010 will be released on Australian label Cipher Productions, as cassette tape housed in 6x6" bag. I made compositions with Courtis' materials with additional sounds of mine. You can see and get it just before the show.

Monday, January 22, 2018

Interview on

My first public and international interview as a visual artist has been published on 12th January on Visit here and read.  It's easier introduction of my activities. I feel honored they kindly have described me as Rising Star. Thank you MutualArt. 

Live Recordings Split, a new release with Metasplice

My new release a split tape with Philly experimental duo Metasplice is on sale.
My price is 12.00USD incl. shipping to worldwide. 
If you are interested in, please contact me to:
info [ a t ] yoshihirokikuchi [ d o t ] org

If you are in the US, please contact Metasplice: 
You can get it more reasonable way.

I'm confident of the music. My side is the best live recording ever, played a long composition. Metasplice side is dope live recording too.