Friday, February 24, 2012

2 cassette releases available now

My new releases are available now in cassette tape format. I love the format because of the objective existence and the physical structure consists of plastic box and cassette with various colors and variable sleeves.

One is from the series called "Stream of Unconscious" of a conceptual artist Bryan Lewis Saunders. The series has been composed from total 24 musicians/sound makers' split 12 volumes of cassette tapes that has been made with Bryan's sleeping words. But please note that's not only just sleep talking. They have all concrete concepts and context. I think that's really amazing matter!
Mine has come out as Vol.5 split with Christopher Fleeger's "Revenge of the Dolphins". The title of my side is "White Surrealist Nihilismus". Each sides have 45 minutes = C90. I believe the 90 minutes time brings you the special listening experience! And the cassette have 21 page booklet of text. You can read what he says in the text.

Please visit his website and read his descriptions, besides the other participated artists.

The another is released on Fragment Factory that is really important label for me. because this label releases my first solo in 2010. Though it's very small edition 50 copies, I'm proud the release. This time, the new solo release is as C26 with title "One Intensely Eats Up Another Economic Principle".
This cassette have unique artworks, I made the printed sheets for sleeves that have unique bleeding with my painting method without hands. And they are all signed. I think it's the evidence of no same sheets. It is finally available on the label in the edition of 66 copies. I signed them all in Friday of January 13. Let's add 6 to hail Satan... In addition, the sleeve is not only the signed sheets, it has transparent j-card printed title and my description about making process and some credit.

You can order on the label FRAGMENT FACTORY .
Click the 'Releases' and then click again [FRAG21]. I'm really satisfied this release with new trial in artworks.

By the way, I don't upload the both artwork images here at this moment because I don't want like to put the same images from others website anymore. After I received the copies, I will take photos and upload here. You can see them on the links now! Thank you for understanding!