Thursday, December 29, 2016

Podcast Streaming

I participated in a Podcast program Notes From Chaos which has been organized by a Greek noise artist Otomo Hava.
My set consists of 3 sections. The 1st is my Live DJ mix recorded in 2014, 2nd and 3rd are my solo live recordings not DJ with computer(s), each sets were recorded in 2013 and 2016. The total duration is approx. 2 hours. You can hear to what I like to listen, and/or what I play as solo live act, and you will find some common aesthetics or something like that. Enjoy.

Track list from the DJ mix:
●Khlyst - I (Chaos is My Name CD / Hydrahead / 2006)
●Harley Gaber - I Saw My Mother Ascending Mount Fuji (excerpt) (I Saw My Mother Ascending Mount Fuji CD / Innova Recordings / 2010)
●Striborg - Into Night Moor (Nocturnal Emissions/Nyctophobia CD / Displeased Records / 2003)
●Tribes Of Neurot - Markandeya (Tribes Of Neurot LP / Neurot Recordings / 1997)
●Monks Of The Monastery Of Gyuto, Tibet - Sangwa Duepa Buddhist Chant (V/A - JVC World Sounds Catalogue CD / JVC / 1990)
●Jakob Ullmann – Voice, Books And FIRE 3 (excerpt) (Voice, Books And FIRE 3 CD / Edition RZ / 2008)
●Thomas Brinkmann - 1000 (Klick CD / Max Ernst / 2000)
●Emptyset - Fragment (Recur CD / Raster-Noton / 2013)
●Ihan - Sans Titre A7 (Iota CD / Mille Plateaux / 2000)
●Burzum - Móti Ragnarǫkum (Dauði Baldrs CD/LP / Misanthropy Records/Cymophane Records / 1997)
●Hjuler - HJCV Grimmelhausen (Kommissar Hjuler & Mama Bar – Asylum Lunaticum CD / Intransitive Recordings / 2009)
●Pleasurehorse - Filled With Condoms (Small Purse CD / Vermiform / 1999)
●CM Von Hausswolff - Atomium Phi (Leech CD / Raster-Noton / 2006)
●Spectre - Heist (Parts Unknown LP / Quatermass/ 2000)
●Muslimgauze - Mysore Cochin Bangalore (Iranair Inflight Magazine CD / Staalplaat / 2003)
●Geronimo - Coyote (Geronimo CD / Three One G / 2007)
●Corrupted - Nadie (Nadie EP CD / Third Culture / 1995)


Friday, December 2, 2016

New Work

A new work featuring my nosebleed and spit has been uploaded on my website.
Visit here.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Website Updated

I updated my own website here:
There are many photos of works with detailed descriptions.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

A New Solo Exhibition in Hong Kong

My new solo exhibition has started at AISHONANZUKA Hong Kong.

The title is: Dldap/Enogo/Auxar/Dgaen

description about the title:
I want to negate humanity. It homologizes deconstructing the innate characteristic of human. It is also a way to deeply commit to Art that is the one of most rarefied concept human beings have.
‘Death’ and ‘Sexuality’ are the innately biological reputations human beings has, same as other animals. However as for human beings, there are systems to locate them onto our society, or to hide them artfully from our society, then they are treated as taboos that is inimical things to rationality. The both ‘Death’ and ‘Sexuality’ are the same as antisocial things that jeopardize our social living dominated by labor, consists of essentiality of ‘Eroticism’ that is violent urge to break our sociality.  
Constructing of the social system that taboos and encroachments compete each other, is that human beings only has, the system are constructed by human’s rationality, there is absolutely Language on its origin.  Stated from opposite direction, the most part of the indescribable sense, is the ‘Eroticism’. Then, what is the exception of it, indescribable but not related to Eroticism?
In my current thoughts, ‘Death’ and ‘Sexuality’ exist biologically in human beings, they mean ‘End’ and ‘Start’, also the pleasure of sexuality leads to death, and vise versa. Between them ‘Death’ and ‘Sexuality’ there are activities by ‘Language’ that is an innate ability of human beings, as mechanism generates every institutions by rationality, exclude ‘Death’ and ‘Sexuality’ from social living. However, something that must be intelligence without describability, certainly exists inside of intelligent activities. That is the new theme ‘Doxa’.
In this exhibition, I show works that are the results of dialectically competing the 4 human beings’ essential themes inside of myself.  

Inside of myself individual, sounds trivial, but this has the important reason as follows: 
We Japanese haven’t experienced ‘Modernism’ because the modernization in Japan had not enlightened Japanese masses. However, now Japanese people have misunderstood that they are living in ‘Post-modern’ era through the modernism, as well as the other Western countries. I want to criticize the wrong cognition to relive modernism personally with not only refer the Western standard. That will bring its relativization. This, personally reliving modernism with strong rationality, will relativizes the Western modernism, that is the thing I have intended. The most important condition for modernization was that every people's individually gaining rationality. And it has existed as premise of starting of Contemporary Art. My works have been made according to the spirit of Modernism, but also have directions to relativize it without blinded obeying.     
However, they can be connected to contexts in the history of Western Contemporary Art. Notice they are just the results. I have never picked any ideas up from the existent history before starting to make works. After I made works, I find that they can link to the contexts, that proves their universalities. I do NOT have any simulations and appropriations. I confront I as a person represents the world. 

Sunday, April 3, 2016


My works (2 pieces) are going to be showed at ART COLOGNE.
The works are from the same series I did at Autocenter Berlin in November 2015, entitled “Self-denial Practice (physical)”. They will be brought by Tokyo based gallery NANZUKA.
It's my first time to participate in art fair in Europe.
If you will be there, check and purchase mines! You can see photos of my other works on the gallery's tablet or computer. So you can purchase others after the fair finished.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

VOCA 2016: An Exhibition With Problem

I will participate in Japan's most influential (its strength is getting less though) competitive exhibition called VOCA which has 20 years history with the trustless committees, means it is an object of my skepticism by this fact: better artists lost awards and boring artists get them every year.  So this exhibition has been targeted to be criticized often, because of the conservative aesthetics and the opaque governance.

My participation was nominated by a curator who is a friend of my friend. He and I have shared the critical attitude to VOCA and discussed many times and built our aesthetics to drop a farty/fart-ish bomb on it as an extreme criticism not as just a negation, because simply easy negation about the system will be assimilated by the system. So, my works which will be exhibited there are conceptually offensive (but funny), and have strong irony to the flower-brained aesthetics they (also including some artists) have, that is passable domestic only. As we intended, I lost the awards! I guess the committees can't understand completely what we did... HA! NICE!
(But staff of VOCA are kind to the artists inconveniently... thank you)

Visit the website of VOCA 2016. There are only Japanese that express eminently its conservativeness without international point of view...

Sunday, January 3, 2016


I will upload more detailed information with pictures soon.