Monday, February 5, 2018

Anla Courtis is Coming to Sendai Again For the First Time in Three Years

The world's most active all round player in experimental music/sound art field, Anla Courtis is coming to here Sendai on 4th March, for the first time in three years. I have organized his show and made a flyer. I show you it.
The show will be held at a great record shop STORE15NOV, now the only shop which sells experimental stuffs in the city. The owner Aoyama sometimes plays, actually we Courtis, Aoyama, and I played improvisation twice. This time Courtis will play solo, as well as I do.  

Along with the show, our collaborated recordings which have been done since 2010 will be released on Australian label Cipher Productions, as cassette tape housed in 6x6" bag. I made compositions with Courtis' materials with additional sounds of mine. You can see and get it just before the show.