Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Solo Exhibition “Super Processor” at AISHONANZUKA Hong Kong

The exhibition which is my first solo show in 3 years has finished at AISHONANZUKA Hong Kong.
The exhibition featured my first sculpture and oil paintings.

About the conceptual thing, read the following description:

So far, Kikuchi has been making works with his interest in “Language” which is the highest abstraction concept that human being only has at the core, combining with interest in another innate ability that human being has that “Socially Managed Death and Sexuality (subject suppressed by social system that Language generates)”,  featuring limitation of his physicality by himself to educe indeterminacy because of his skepticism to himself’s aesthetic decision.  It is the attempt to live modernistic spirit of which rationality is the condition in personal level, and to generate hyper-rationality through his rationality, besides acrimonious irony to Japanese collectivistic society, and to himself living in the society.

In this exhibition, as well as works improved their abstraction levels by stoic approach as above, a new painting series BLACK CORRECTION featuring elements and approaches which are antithetical to the other has contraposed. The series has elements taken from political and cultural history, also has trick to bizarrely let vulgarity and loftiness cohabit. The vulgarity is thing that Kikuchi has supperessed himself in rational process of making his works; according to an analogy of relations of the above mentioned “Language” and “Socially Managed Death and Sexuality”, it is equal to the latter. Therefore, this exhibition shows duality; his personal existence in society, and rationality and irrationality in himself.

In BLACK CORRECTION series, the interest in Language has expanded to semiotic issue, the issue about Sexuality has been treated only as symbol of vulgarly, which is designed to buried in other motifs. The title of the exhibition Super Processor is the symbol of connection of vulgarity and highly designed social system. In Japan, uncensored porn video is illegal. Super Processor is the name of fraud device which were sold in the past, touted as machine could unveil censored parts of videos.

In this exhibition, Kikuchi’s first installation work inspired by the device Super Processor has shown as the representation of stoically abstracted works. And as a metaphor of the original device’s alchemical business, his first sculpture has shown as the completely fabrication of the device.