Sunday, November 13, 2011

Phamafabrik Recordings V4 arrived

The one of my recent sound contributions for the Slovenia based label Pharmafabrik Recordings ' label sampler titled "Fabriksampler V4" was arrived yesterday! The album is 2xCD edition separated in noisy side and ambient side.
It has really dense and rich content in wide variety of electronic music that is not only abstract and experimental avant sounds but consists of more musical elements. I feel awesome electronic noise to experimental electronica like composition from the disc 1. Disc 2 has more calm and sensitive ambient or drone tracks. Both discs are really really high quality. So, I highly recommend many people to buy and listen to the album! Also when you get the album, you can see the very very well-designed inner sleeve!

Go to the label and buy it!(click the "fb v4" on the left list, to jump the album page). And read the short biography of individual artists!

- The introductions from the label website -
The compilation album features exclusive tracks from KK Null (Japan), Neven M. Agalma (Slovenia), Pharmakustik (Germany), Yoshihiro Kikuchi (Japan), Franck Vigroux (France), Nova deViator (Slovenia), Chris Wood (South Africa), Mutant Beatniks (UK), Vega Stereo (Russia), NRYY (Japan), Velge Naturlig (Portugal), Astma (Russia), Analog Concept (Russia), Fabio Orsi (Italy), Cezary Gapik (Poland), Prodvkt (Italy), Mike Browning (USA), Audioworx (Slovenia) and MaCu (Austria).

-track list-
disk 1:
01 KK Null - Metamorphosis de Toki
02 Neven M. Agalma - Treget
03 Pharmakustik - Distraktion C
04 Yoshihiro Kikuchi - Waves Of Vermiform
05 Franck Vigroux - Camera
06 Nova deViator - They Give Us Body
07 Chris Wood - `G._-^..: : Dr::ne
08 Mutant Beatniks - Whiteout !!!
09 Vega Stereo - Morning
10 NRYY - Sneaker Blues

disk 2:
11 Velge Naturlig - Transmortorium
12 Astma - IgE
13 Analog Concept - Aliens Love This Melody
14 Fabio Orsi - One's Own Eyes
15 Cezary Gapik - #0466
16 Prodvkt - Gamma Idroxibutrato
17 Mike Browning - Phantom Space
18 Audioworx - Karmadrone
19 MaCu - K.c.C
20 Untitled - Matrix§44¹

They are all great, though in fact there are the artists I hadn't known, but quality is assured!!!!
Special thanks to Simon of the label. I'm proud of that I could participated in such an great comp!!!!