Sunday, January 17, 2016

VOCA 2016: An Exhibition With Problem

I will participate in Japan's most influential (its strength is getting less though) competitive exhibition called VOCA which has 20 years history with the trustless committees, means it is an object of my skepticism by this fact: better artists lost awards and boring artists get them every year.  So this exhibition has been targeted to be criticized often, because of the conservative aesthetics and the opaque governance.

My participation was nominated by a curator who is a friend of my friend. He and I have shared the critical attitude to VOCA and discussed many times and built our aesthetics to drop a farty/fart-ish bomb on it as an extreme criticism not as just a negation, because simply easy negation about the system will be assimilated by the system. So, my works which will be exhibited there are conceptually offensive (but funny), and have strong irony to the flower-brained aesthetics they (also including some artists) have, that is passable domestic only. As we intended, I lost the awards! I guess the committees can't understand completely what we did... HA! NICE!
(But staff of VOCA are kind to the artists inconveniently... thank you)

Visit the website of VOCA 2016. There are only Japanese that express eminently its conservativeness without international point of view...

Sunday, January 3, 2016


I will upload more detailed information with pictures soon.