Wednesday, March 5, 2014

A short description about my recent art works

I wrote this description afresh for English profile as an artist by organizing and translating some Japanese texts I wrote etc.  


Kikuchi’s works spreading out various styles* such as drawing, collage, painting and installation have been principally made on the following concepts:

  1.  a posteriori disorganization of traditional pan-language system by reference of linguistic theory (by extension, extraction of universal common structure in language phenomena, and its deconstruction).
  2.  ‘eroticism’ into (1) as interposition/interference.
  3.  applying ‘indeterminacy’ to (1) and (2). 
  4.  elimination of own direct physicality, and extension of the indirect physicality on actions in (1), (2), and (3). 
  5.  observation and fundamental re-examination of social institution by (1), (2), (3), and (4).  

Stated differently, these are intended to deconstruct values in social institutions (defined as classes of language issues) and institutional coverups (defined as classes of non-language issues which consist of eroticism and violence et cetera). He defines these subjects to deconstruct as the mankind's innate matters.  

Now the works via this way of conceptual setting and expression, can be related to various contemporary art contexts in terms of 'modernism**’, but they are created with literal making processes as new criticism which would throw out the contexts to further relativizing through his inner nihilism. The processes completing with bringing in indeterminacy of automatism, random digits, and the foregoing physical elimination/extension, are due to skepticism toward trivialized personal aesthetic decision. Moreover, hopefully those works will construct radically-new linguistic structure.

*various styles - In addition, he has music activities in experimental music scene as solo and international collaborated works. 

**modernism - However, Kikuchi knows that Japanese have never experienced modernism, thus there is no post-modernism in this country. It's ironically Japan's exclusive historical characteristic. This is Japan’s cultural (also political) illness that should be resolved urgently. The anarchic variations of his expression has come from the reason in a way.