Friday, September 14, 2012

New exhibition has started

My new solo exhibition started from September 1st at AISHO MIURA ARTS in Shibuya/Tokyo. It will have been held for a month, until September 30th. 
The title is "Nullized Layers Inside The Institutional Coverups 1".
I show you the diagram of my thought about the title.
The large "INSTITUTE" and "LANGUAGE" are indicated as general idea I think. They the abstractions are defined each other, it means the one can't exist without another. LANGUAGE makes INSTITUTION and INSTITUTION enlarge the LANGUAGE functions. The small typed "languages" and "institutions" mean individual languages and institutions that are in largest classes written with large letters. Besides, coverups mean zillion hidden matters in the individual 'concrete' languages = institutions. And 'Nullize' means attempts to take the meaning/values off from original contexts to deconstruct the individual institutions and finally the largest INSTITUTION through the attempts posteriori.
I set the my these thoughts as an above (see photo) mathematical formula briefly.
And I wrote a statement for this time exhibition.


The statement is:
In recent years, I have defined my creative activities as deconstruction of various coverup matters which are inside INSTITUTION , in other words reason = phenomena threatening public order that are ensured by LANGUAGE activities (for instance, erotic behaviors and violent desires) and with observing de-mean-ization elicited from it, will explore the limit and possibilities of dismantlement of our reasonable order (which means, to predicate the both sides of the limitation -between reasonable and unreasonable fields-) and attempt in stages to slip new values into the structure in multilayer, which value has deprived.
In this exhibition, as the previous step of these attempts, to predicate the value of languages, I will observe denial functions of the adjacent or opponent intellections with criterial arbitrary denotation (segment of languages and its value and display) in a new series of works of “Painted Negativity” which I employed a format of painting as one of a method.

I have an one more great news. My new art book under the title the same title that is above formula (it's not able to write here...) has been published on an independent publisher called Tycoon Books. 
You can see and purchase it on here the TYCOON BOOKS website. The displayed title "no-title" is simply for convenience for the same reason.
I don't have the photos of the book, but it's amazingly well designed! 42 color pages with special cover that is folded large poster printed with silver ink! The cover has the English text I wrote on the second surface. 
I signed and numbered all copies of first edition of 150.