Monday, May 16, 2011

Many things happened in this recent months....

Oops! I had neglected to post something here for 4-5 months... But I have a lot of news but I didn't post here... In the interval, many things happened.

You know we Japanese met the big earthquake and the tsunami disaster on March 11 and big aftershock on April 7.
My hometown in Miyagi's coastal areas were annihilated by the tsunami. My living town was the same. There is almost nothing in near the beach area where we used to go and play when we were young. There were many houses and a park and a ground.

In the immediate aftermath of the main shock, we had lost all public supplies - power, water, and gas. We spent with battery-powered radio and candles for 5 days. Power was restored earlier but the water and gas restored much later. In the first the 5 days, we had no ways to know about the disaster in detail except for radio news and thin news paper(but the paper were supplied everyday! miracle!).
After the those 3 supplies were restored, I still couldn't access internet till March 25.
When the time came that I finally could restart to use internet, I knew that a lot of my great friends had worried me.
The one of my best friend Bryan Lewis Saunders was really glad to hear I was safe. And after that, he told me his friend Mannequin Hollowcaust's interesting project "No-Fi" recording. The project is no electricities sound making project with only battery-powered stuffs. Then I contacted with him and talked and heard about the project's concept. I think that's very interesting and has worse to try. I decided to participate in it. I made 1 simple harsh noise piece by using only 1 radio and 1 handy recorder. Its title is "No MC and No DJ". I am satisfied at the result with consideration to make use of my own this time difficulty.
It will be released as "No-Fi Survivalist vol.3" compilation by his own label.

And I made some tracks for other releases from the end of last month to early this month.
The 1st is for collaborated 7" release plan with Anla Courtis (ex.REYNOLS). I made 2x6 min. tracks to use his materials he sent me last year. It will be released on some label soon.

Also I had some releases in early this year. I provided my track "Diabolic Figured" to the German based net label suRRism-Phonoethics' 100th release anniversary compilation "Peak the Source". You can download it on here: suRRism-Phonoethics "Peak the Source"
Also I collaborated with the suRRism owner Jaan Patterson on International Audio Art Project (IEAAP) vol.9. The track title is "Tilt". You can download IEAAP vol.9 here: IEAAP vol.9

Besides, I had collaboration with Bryan Lewis Saunders on IEAAP vol.5. It's titled "Bingo and Uno".
By the way, his upcoming Sleep Works "Stream of Unconscious" volumes cassette tape release are stunning! 24 great artists worked with his poetic (amazing!) sleep talking. I made 5 tracks for No.9 "White Surrealist Nihilismus". Also check out the project!
You can listen to "Bingo and Uno" on IEAAP vol.5 page here: IEAAP vol.5
And check his Sleep Works out! You can download the past sleep works here: Bryan's Sleep Works page

I have more things! I participated in Slovenian well-known label Pharmafabrik label compilation "V4". The release is 2xCD album separated 'noise side' and 'ambient side'. My track "Waves Of Vermiform" is on noise side. It will be released soon finally! Check out the great contributors KK NULL, Cezary Gapik, MaCu and more!!
Visit the label website: PHARMAFABRIK

AND!!!!! We GRAVES AND ORCHESTRA PITS' self-titled 1 st album CD has been released on Utech Records!!! We already got the some great reviews! We are really proud of this release. I also did the artwork. Please visit the label website: Utech Records
And Reviews: CVLT Nation / Montreal Mirror ....
Special thanks to Alan Dubin of GNAW (ex.KHANATE), Sébastien Hayez, and Keith of Utech Records. We couldn't have done it without your help!!!!