Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Finished solo exhibition in my hometown

In the last month, November 1st to 28th, my exhibition was held at small book store + cafe "BOOOK" which is in the department of technology of Tohoku University in Sendai/Miyagi, Japan. That city Sendai is maybe the biggest city in Tohoku area in Japan, but there is almost no cultural things, only 1 small but good record shop Store 15NOV exists...
The exhibition have been held as series under the name "PARASITE ART PROJECT". The director Akiyama (he is great designer even though I hate almost designers in Japan haha. He loves experimental music! ) directs the works of the artists to be parasitic in the store, but other artists could not do that. But I succeeded to do that. My 100 collage works succeeded to parasitized 9 book shelfs.
The title of my exhibition was "replacement and unreadability" as volume 5 of the series.

I chose 100 collages from about 150 sheets of works. They are the rest of entire 244 works I made last year. I amazed at about 100 sheets had sold so far! In Hong Kong? In Taiwan??

The exhibition was actualized by his offer through the record shop owner Aoyama (He is also artist who works with Otomo Yoshihide to make stunning installation to use large amount of old record players)'s introduction. Aoyama introduced me to Akiyama. That's the honor to me.
I chose 100 sheets by using random numbers outputted by my easy computer programming. And I decided the replacement order to use another programming with variable probability. After that I exhibited them on the shelfs. They might had been nocuous for the store. But we were satisfied about the result! Thank you Akiyama-san and Aoyama-san. Also thanks Ichikawa-kun and Kato-kun for helping to exhibit.
The 2 scores of that are above as samples.

Monday, December 6, 2010


I participated in a worldwide project has motif from past Mail Art Movement. It's called "INTERNATIONAL EMAIL AUDIO ART PROJECT".
There are 3 volumes so far involved with many artists with a strict format which is one-minute miniature audio work in mp3 (44.1 kHz, 320 kbps) attached to an email. And also now in process to issue volume 4. Each volumes consist of 60 artists. I am a participant of volume 3. The sounds (plus images sometimes) are available for free online!
Let's download the volume on the following link!
International Email Audio Art Project Volume 3
Also you can download the other volumes 1 and 2 both below:
International Email Audio Art Project Volume 1
International Email Audio Art Project Volume 2
I am 43rd contributer of the volume 3. My track title is "A Crying Bug". It's simple glitchy electronics with effected percussion I played. Listen my miniature and hope you like it! In the same volume, there are the tracks of Filthy Turd and Bryan Lewis Saunders who are my label mate on FRAGMENT FACTORY in Germany. So that's really exciting for me. Especially to work with Bryan is pleasure. He is one of greatest artist in the world I think. Actually he told me the existence of this project.
Besides, I worked with him for upcoming his release plan as volumes of cassettes by himself. That's amazing plan, he is working with many artists with his voice recordings! I made 4 tracks that has total 35 minutes for his "Stream of Unconscious" voice recordings. That's special experience because I could make wide variety of sounds. The tracks will come out as a split cassette tape with someone (whoever will be chosen for it, it is likely to become wonderful.)