Thursday, May 17, 2012

Got a new review

The one of my latest cassette tape releases got a new (it's far nicer than the last one...) review, on the blog called "Dead Formats".

There are huge amount of reviews of multi-audio formats - cassette tapes, vinyls, CDs, DVDs, and VHS. The reviewer writes  brief but precise reviews. And the reviewer says that he(she?) would buy or not at last of the reviews. I found he runs small label "Dead Accents" in Seattle. Looks very nice label. I guess he says that he would buy or not from his perspective as a label owner. Concerning my tape "One Intensely Another Economic Principle", he says YES! Also he says the number of edition of 66 is not enough! Really great to read it! SO NICE!!! He says my tape has worth to be listened by more people!

Read the review here:

And visit the label Dead Acccents' webshop here: