Friday, November 13, 2015

Solo Exhibition + Open Studio at Autocenter Berlin

I am staying in Berlin now for residency work. The exhibition has started last week on 6th November.
It started clean but now there are chaos of trashy stuffs as materials. I got many junk stuffs at flea markets.

I described about this exhibition like this (you can get a copy at my exhibition room):


Yoshihiro KIKUCHI 
Solo Exhibition + Open Studio at Autocenter Berlin, Nov 6 - 28, 2015 

Statement (in one sentence) :

Detailed Decription:
Kikuchi’s works spreading out various styles* such as drawing, collage, painting and installation have been principally made on the following concepts/definitions:

  1. A posteriori disorganization of a traditional pan-language value system with reference to linguistic theories (by extension, extraction of a universal common structure in linguistic phenomena, and its deconstruction).
  2. Interposition/interference of ‘Eroticism’ to 1).
  3. Applying ‘indeterminacy/contingency’ to 1) and 2).
  4. Elimination of direct physicality, and reconstruction/extension of indirect physicality in actions of 1), 2) and 3).
  5. Observation and fundamental re-examination of societal institution through 1), 2), 3) and 4).
  6. 6)  Negation of humanity derived from 1), 2), 3), 4) and 5).

Stated differently, these are intended to deconstruct values in social institutions (defined as classes of language issues) and institutional coverups (defined as classes of non-language issues which consist of eroticism and violence et cetera). He defines these subjects to deconstruct as the mankind's innate matters.  Besides, the deconstruction has aims to deny the existing value of humanity.  

Now the works via this way of conceptual setting and expression, can be related on various contemporary art contexts in term of ‘modernism’**, but they are created with literal making processes as new criticism which would throw out the contexts to further relativizing through his inner nihilism. The processes completing with bringing in indeterminacy of automatism, random digits, and the foregoing physical elimination/extension, are due to skepticism toward trivialized personal aesthetic decision. Moreover, hopefully those works will construct radically-new linguistic structure.

*various styles - he also has music activities of experimental music as solo and has many international collaborated works. Besides, a drummer in some bands.  

**modernism - however, Kikuchi knows that Japanese have never experienced modernism, that is, there is no post-modernism in Japan. It's ironically Japan's exclusive historical characteristic. This is Japan’s cultural (also political) illness that should be resolved urgently. The anarchic variations of his expression has come from the reasons as no-axis of historical and national context in a way. 


You can check the more detailed information on below links:

Saturday, July 4, 2015

"PROCESS", My First Showing As A Visual Artist In Europe

A new group exhibition in Asturias Spain is going to start next week, on 10th July, and will end on 21st august. 

I will partiate in it with my latest series of work called "Grammatical Luxation" that I made last year,  by using Japanese old porn novel. I tried deconstruct and reconstruct meta-structure of the original sentences through the strictly defined processes.  The series has 7 sets that have 81 sheets each. This time, the 1/7 will be showed there. The work made through processes is the most important keyword on this exhibition as you already know. The curator Jaime Rguez defines it in unusual word "processual".  

Please visit the website of the exhibition here.

Unfortunately, there is Spanish only but I put the introduction  in English from the press release I got before: 

The very creation of the artwork and, ultimately, every step occurred in the process ofcreative genesis and by inserting work into space and its relationship with the rest ofthe pieces on display, add and enrich the proposals that finally the viewer perceives.This issue focuses this exhibition project in collaboration: a great hybrid installationon which coexist various issues and where abundant use of new technologies and theinteraction of a large number of plastic, sound, textual, audiovisual disciplines as wellas the low and the high tech.Process authors of the members come from different geographies and interests, butsurprised to find multiple links between them. So, from our most immediateenvironment we find parts Emma Bi, Nel Caamaño, Virginia López, BenjamínMenéndez, César Naves, self Jaime Rodríguez and his work in collaboration withMind Revolution (Eugenia Tejón & Angel González) and uh513 (María Castellanos& Alberto Valverde). Meanwhile the national circuit, come Julio Mediavilla, JesusNido and Eugenio Rivas. Finally, form the international representation the Brazilianartist Marcelo de Melo and the Japanese artist Yoshihiro Kikuchi. 

Anyways, I feel an honor to be involved to this. Thank you Jaime Rguez for inviting me and giving a great opportunity. 

The above logo design by Jaime Rguez. 

Friday, July 3, 2015

New Tape with Vomir from GERÄUSCHMANUFAKTUR.

A new tape made with French noise artist Vomir who is a godfather of "harsh noise wall" has been released on german label Geraeuschmanufaktur. I also made other collaboration with him in the past, as a drummer on his materials (Then, he did it as his another name Roro Perrot, a ultra shit folk singer). You can see the 7 inch record on his bandcamp. It's titled "ROROMANTIQUE". My freaky drumming is featured throughout side B. 

This time, I programmed 2 beats by being inspired by extreme metal. Side A features death metal-ish downtempo double kick. And side B has black metal-ish blast beats. They has atmosphere like dark dub mix. The both sides have unchangeable "static" noise that are over 19 minutes straight each.  It can be said ritualistic trance. You should be soaked into the sonic pool in maximum volume.

You can hear the sounds and can get the album digitally HERE, the physical tape as well.