Saturday, February 2, 2013

My new art book "No-title" has published in 2012

My new art book "No-Title" - exactly it has the title with mathematical formula. But it's difficult to display... - has been published on a Tokyo based independent publisher called Tycoon Books, in edition of 150 copies as first pressing.
The book consists of my art works which were made in 2006 - 2012. It means this is my first grand sum as an artist. I'm proud of this publishing though its small edition. All copies are hand numbered and signed by myself.
You can buy a copy from the publisher's website or me directly. Send me an email(address is on my profile section. Click "CONTACT") if you are interested. Or you can buy on the publisher website. Visit the publisher's site from the above link and see the sample photos on there. It's very very well-designed! 

Detailed information:
A5(148mmx210mm) | 40 pages + cover | Full color digital print 
First edition of 150 copies, 2012 | ISBN 978-4-9906628-0-6