Friday, July 3, 2015

New Tape with Vomir from GERÄUSCHMANUFAKTUR.

A new tape made with French noise artist Vomir who is a godfather of "harsh noise wall" has been released on german label Geraeuschmanufaktur. I also made other collaboration with him in the past, as a drummer on his materials (Then, he did it as his another name Roro Perrot, a ultra shit folk singer). You can see the 7 inch record on his bandcamp. It's titled "ROROMANTIQUE". My freaky drumming is featured throughout side B. 

This time, I programmed 2 beats by being inspired by extreme metal. Side A features death metal-ish downtempo double kick. And side B has black metal-ish blast beats. They has atmosphere like dark dub mix. The both sides have unchangeable "static" noise that are over 19 minutes straight each.  It can be said ritualistic trance. You should be soaked into the sonic pool in maximum volume.

You can hear the sounds and can get the album digitally HERE, the physical tape as well.

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