Saturday, June 4, 2011

I'm listed as TOP 20 ARTIST on the radio program!

My name is listed as Top 20 artists on US local FM radio program called The Chestnut Tree!!! I'm really honored that I can be there with other great artists! The Chestnut Tree program assemblages radical sound stuffs focus the specific aspects of sounds. For instance sound collage, abstract spoken word, field recordings, Dadaist audio, adverse music therapy, musique concrete, electronic and local music.

The Chestnut Tree - TOP 20 -

If you are in Texas area of US, you can listen to the program via radio on Tuesdays from 2:00 to 5:00 AM with tuning in those:

90.1 FM in Houston
89.5 FM in Galveston
89.7 FM in Huntsville

Also in other area and countries, you can listen with streaming! The detailed information is on the following website:
The Chestnut Tree - LISTEN -

THANKS Ayn of The Chestnut Tree!!!!

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