Friday, May 21, 2010

disturbed TAIPEI

I heard the news about my fucking trash. About less than 15 pieces of my paper trash were bought by the Taiwanese biggest art collector and director of a biggest art fair in Taipei at one of art fairs called "YOUNG ART TAIPEI". My paper trash disturbed the people at there again. I don't know who the collector and director are. But people of there were shocked at the accident the person(s) bought only my fucking trash at the art fair.. That sounds crazy and there is evil in good I like. However, I don't have any realized feelings because I am still broke.... Buy the more expensive works as pictured above!!!
BTW, my solo debut cassette C40 from German young but high quality label FRAGMENT will be released soon 24th May 2010!!!
Read the super great introduction by the label on below linked post!!! THANKS very much Michael!!

FRAGMENT/ releases on May 2010

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