Monday, April 19, 2010

my past release and publication still AVAILABLE!

My past release "Drumming Echo Music" made by Seido Toshiyuki who is from 1st generation Japanese noise scene is still available at germany experimental music label/shop Tochnit Aleph!! The CD, I participated as a drummer, and I played improvised drumming and recorded and deformed by Seido. Other Seido's works are also available on same web store of Tochnit Aleph. Please check them, they are really interesting stuffs filled with radical but sensitive experimentalism of between electronics and acoustic instruments!

SEIDO's works on Tochnit Aleph online shop [now Rumpsti Pumpsti (Music) 2010 - ]

And my book published from AISHO MIURA ARTS that is the gallery I belong to in Tokyo is also available on the gallery's web.
The book title is "ROMAN COLLAGE". Contents are about one of my solo exhibition in summer 2009. The solo exhibition was started at a most small space in the gallery, the space is THRONE ROOM. After that I made about 250 works and held installation with old toilet bowl filled with m & m's chocolate in a basic exhibition space... That's really funny exhibition. We ate the m & m's chocolates with alcohols almost everyday!!

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